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Debit & ATM Card FAQ

Information about your EMV (Chip/Smart) Card

You may have already received a new debit card containing an EMV chip, or it will be on its way soon. Please take a moment to watch the following video about these new "Smart Cards," also known as "Chip Cards," and what you need to know as a consumer.

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Debit & ATM Card - Frequently Asked Questions

Debit Cards-

My debit card has been lost or stolen. What do I do?

If you believe your card to be lost or stolen, call us at 307-324-2265 weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Our weekend or after-hours support line is 1-888-782-9797.

How do I reset my debit card PIN?

For security reasons, we cannot reset your PIN over the phone. You may set or change your PIN during card activation, request a reminder in the mail, or change the PIN in person in the Debit Card department at Bank of Commerce.

If you know your current PIN and would like to change it, you may do so by calling our PIN Change Line at 1-877-267-6913 and follow the prompts. If you have forgotten your PIN, you may reset it through the Card Activation line at 1-800-972-0380. For security, you must call from the primary phone number on your account when changing your PIN.

I'm trying to make a large purchase and my card is declined. How do I fix this?

For your protection, there is a $1500.00 daily consumer limit and $2500.00 daily business limit on debit card purchases. If you need to temporarily increase this, call us during business hours and a customer service representative will help you.

I am planning on taking a trip, is there anything I need to do?

If you are traveling within the continental United States, your debit card should work normally. There is no limitation for location within the United States. If your card is declined while traveling within the United States, we will be happy to help you determine the reason. When traveling or making a purchase overseas, you need to notify us in advance so we can temporarily unblock that region.

My contact information has changed. Will this affect my debit card?

It is important that we have the correct address on file to verify purchases, especially your billing ZIP code. We also need your current cell phone number in case the fraud department needs to contact you about a purchase. If they are unable to reach you, your card may be blocked for security reasons.