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Checking & Savings FAQ

Checking & Savings - Frequently Asked Questions

Checking Accounts-

Savings Accounts-

What information is required to open a Bank of Commerce Checking Account?

In order to open a Bank of Commerce Checking or Savings account, a valid driver's license and Social Security card are required. If you are unable to provide your original Social Security card, a legal document with your Social Security Number is acceptable.

There are suspicious transactions on my account. What do I do?

If you have identified suspicious transactions on your account please contact us immediately to investigate the transactions. Contact us at (307) 324-2265 or (800) 934-4507.

I would like to add an additional signer to my Bank of Commerce Check Account. What do I need to accomplish this?

To add an additional signer to your checking or savings account, the owner of the account must be present to approve the addition with our New Accounts department. The additional signer must provide a valid driver's license and Social Security card or a legal documentation which identifies their Social Security number.

Is there a limit to the amount of transfers I can make from my Bank of Commerce Savings Account?

You are allowed by law six (6) pre-authorized debits per month, and unlimited withdrawals in person from your savings account.  If you exceed 6 debits per month, your account may be changed to a non-interest bearing account.   Bank of Commerce allows nine (9) debits per quarter before a fee. If the number of debits surpasses nine (9) in a quarter, a $2 per debit fee is applied on each debit thereafter. This fee is accessed every quarter and the number of withdrawals is reset.